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Senior Pictures

Senior Portraits for the class of 2018

Appointments are being taken now!!

Senior year is an important time in the life of a teenager. They want to have great pictures like everyone else, but they also don't want to drain mom and dad's bank account!

Covenant Digital Photography provides above and beyond service at an affordable price. You never have to feel rushed because we will take our time and get you the kind of shots that you've dreamed of.

You may choose up to two wardrobe changes (in addition to cap and gown if your school can provide it to you). That's four different looks! We will also take shots outdoors in a casual setting or we can go to a location of your choice for a nominal fee depending on where it is.

The cost of the photo session is $225 and will last about 2 hours.

All the pictures from your photo session will be posted in their own gallery on this website within 48 hours! You can then look the pictures over and decide which ones you want touched up and used for your customized photo package. They can even be placed in a private password protected gallery if you request it.

I do all touch up work for FREE on any portrait ordered! I remove blemishes,acne, pimples, etc. I even clean up frizzy fly-away hair if requested. This will be done to the pictures that are going to be used for your customized photo package.

There's more!

With the pre-order of the Senior Premium package, you will receive a custom 8.75 x 11.25 Hard cover book with up to 60 of the best photos from your session at no additional charge!

The book is available for purchase with any of the other package for only $150.00. A higher quality 12 x 12 premium book which can hold up to 100 photos is available for $225. It has thicker covers and will lay flat when opened.

This will not be just a simple layout with the pictures in an index form like an ordinary proof book. The book will be custom designed with each image inserted manually and placed to make it look it's best. Some images may take up an entire page!

If you don't have your own cap and gown for your session, I can come to your graduation and take cap and gown shots for you. This is also an opportunity to take family pictures with the graduate. I will bring a backdrop to set up and I'll be waiting for you after the ceremony. The cost for me to come out to your graduation is only $75!

I work tirelessly to get your pictures to you as soon as possible. My turn around on orders is usually within 10 business days.

You can't beat this kind of service!!

The packages are described in detail below and are at very competitive prices! You'll have them back in plenty of time to give out to family and friends. If you want to ship pictures to relatives who are out of town, that can be done through this website. You can order prints and just put in the address that you want them sent to. This can save you time and effort.

Senior Premium package (10 poses)
This includes: 1 12x18, 1 11x14s, 10 8x10s, 10 5x7s & 176 wallets.*
You also receive a Hard coverbook with at least 60 images from you session. This is a $150 value!

Senior Deluxe package (8 poses)
This includes: 1 11x14, 8 8x10s, 8 5x7s & 112 wallets.*

Senior Standard package (4 poses)
This includes: 4 8x10s, 4 5x7s & 48 wallets.*

* Wallets can only be ordered in increments of 8. Please add $4 for every 8 if you wish to have die-cut wallets

Senior Prom package #1 (6 poses)
This includes: 5 8x10s, 5 5x7s & 72 wallets.*

Senior Prom package #2 (3 poses)
This includes: 3 8x10s, 3 5x7s & 48 wallets.*

Senior Economic package (1 pose)
This includes: 1 8x10, 2 5x7s, & 32 wallets.*

* Wallets can only be ordered in increments of 8. Please add $4 for every 8 if you wish to have die-cut wallets

New wallet option!

You can now order wallets that are die-cut. The wallets come on a sheet and are already pre-cut. You only have to punch them out of the sheet. This gives you a perfect cut, look and feel. Normal wallets come on a sheet with borders and you have to cut them out yourself.

I also create customized collages upon request. I charge only $75 for the artwork involved. Just let me know if you would like it done for your pictures. (see examples below)

All pictures can also be bought ala cart if desired. See the prices below:

8 wallets for $6.00
8 die-cut wallets for $10.00
4x6s - $3.00 each
5x7s - $7.00 each
8x10s - $15.00 each
11x14s - $25.00 each
12x18s - $35.00 each
16x20s - $45.00 each
20x30s - $60.00 each
Hi-res digital file - $25 each for 1-5, $15 each for 6 or more.

Hard cover book without ordering a package - $150

If you wish to discuss having Senior Portraits taken, please book an appointment soon by using my contact page to send me an email or just give me a call at 313-617-1395.

Troy Johnson
Covenant Digital Photography